Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Flash Freebie!!!

Step by Step Vocabulary Bundle   

I am giving away the biggest freebie ever! This product has almost 300 pages and more than 10 of my products in it! I want some feedback so download it- do it now cause it won't be out there long and then you'll have to pay!
This is a step by step guide on how to teach the vocabulary goal to younger (up to grade 2) students. It is great for speech therapy but also for language centers in your classroom. 
It also contains forms for speech therapy and everything you need along the way.... 

Check it out and don't forget to follow my shop for awesome freebies, like this one.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Step By Step Vocabulary Bundle


 Everything you need to work on the Vocabulary Goal!
Welcome! I am so excited to be guiding you along the way to targeting the Vocabulary Goal wit your students. In this binder is everything you will need to properly carry out the vocabulary goal in therapy. This will work for SLP's or SLP-A's.

Included are forms, and instructions to carry out each part of the vocabulary goal. 

Here are just a few of the products you can get in this 290+page bundle!!

There are 12 of my products that total more than $20 so you are getting this at a great price. Get it now because it won't be $10 for long!

There will also be videos on you tube that will model goals that you can watch to help give you a visual representation of how therapy should look.
Keep an eye out for them.
I will also be making more step by step Bundles!

If you have questions email

Monday, 3 July 2017

Part 2- Tier 2 Classroom Activities

 Welcome to Part 2 to my Tier 2 Classroom Activities.

This activity is great for vocabulary for pre-k and kindergarten age students. They will like this activity which you can use as clip cards (and work with your students who are struggling) or as a bingo game for your entire class. In my world, I would use this activity for the class and have the teacher observe and help the students she knows are struggling with this particular skill, so they have more focused help.

This activity is available in my store for a buck! It is important that tier 2 activities be affordable! :)

 What am I?

What Am I description: You can use these clip cards as a literacy center or speech therapy for children who are reading (or you can read to them). The students read the clues and then choose the correct item.
For the Bingo game you can hand out the mats (5 versions) to your students and then cut out the clues. You place the clues in a pile and read them one at time, each student that has that item covers it up with a bingo chip or other fun manipulative like goldfish. The first person with a straight line or black out wins!

Keep your eyes out for my next version of Tier 2 Classroom Activities. 


Friday, 30 June 2017

Group Ideas for your Older Caseload

Recently I've had many more older kids added to my caseload. Some of them are so far behind in their reading, writing and comprehension that its sad. They actually had a hard time spelling "and"... I've got my work cut out for me... 

I need these kids to be functional so I need to work on inferences and building sentences, while targeting articulation and reading so I went on the hunt. I don't have all that much experience with older kids so I need to learn a few things. 

These are a few things I came up with.
Speech Peeps uses Non-Fiction texts to help students use reading while targeting those pesky artic. goals. I really like this because it is a good place for some of my better readers and then I can ask questions for comprehension. :)

Nonfiction Texts Targeting Artic & Language {Winter Edition}

NO PREP Build A Sentence Activities For Grammar Intervention
This No Prep  Build A Sentence by The Dabbling Speechie is really useful to get the kids thinking about pictures and using some very specific descriptive words.  I just love that it works on writing the sentence and adjectives.  This is definitely something that I would recommend to anyone who has upper elementary kids on their caseload. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Camping for Language

Camping for Language 

I am so glad to be off the summer, getting ready for the fall already... I know some of you are off but some aren't so lucky! You have to come up with some fun stuff to keep the kids entertained while its warm outside. Well I've got something for you... 
and my apologies for a summer full of work :(

I made this cute pack (a very long time ago-be kind, my skills have come a long way... :)
that goes great with summer and camping. It contains more than 50 pages that  targets a lot of common goals like:

  • vocabulary
  •  associations
  • beginning sounds
  • beginning writing
  • and a really cute
category sorting activity that would work great for groups.

It is only $3 but it is on sale for $2 all summer long!!
Check it out!


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Teaching Before and After

How I teach Before and After

There are a lot of ways to teach before and after. My caseload is young and generally severe so I always start with using before and after as temporal concepts and then move on to using it in routines.

1.The first thing I do when I teach before and after is get a hand full of manipulatives- like these bears.

I give the student one bear facing them. I then explain that before means in front and after means behind. I give them directions like put the blue bear before the red bear, put the orange bear after the yellow. If they make mistakes I will target just 1 concept at a time and explain (again) that before or after also means in front or behind.

2. The next thing I do is line up about five bears and I get the kids to tell me where each one is. I ask, "where is the red one?" They can say after the blue one or before the green one.  If they have difficulty with this expressively I ask "which one is after/before the (color)? and see if they are understanding.

 3. After they have this I move onto my routines. For that I use my Before and After Sequencing Package. :)

 Teaching Concepts and Sequencing- First, Next, Last, Before and After

Use this package to teach first, next, last, before and after in a step by step approach. I've used simple routines like in the morning and after school, to help reinforce the concepts. It has mats for center ideas and worksheets for individual use and mastery.  I've also included task cards!