Friday, 10 February 2017

Valentine's Freebie!!

Valentine Speech Treats 

A Quick pack to target pronouns, verbs, vocabulary, following directions, and beginning sounds.

Pronouns & Verbs- the students talk about each picture using the correct pronoun and verb. After they are able to do this skill you can use the verb in the past tense.
Functions & Category- have the student identify the function and category of each item and then color or dab it with a bingo dabber.

Following Directions- including the concepts first, second, third, forth, last, between, before and after.
Beginning sound match up- match up the heart beginning sound with a word that starts with that sound.

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Creating Communicators 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Weekly Activity for Students with Severe Language

Hey Everyone!
I made this pack because I have students whose language is severely delayed. They basically need to work on everything. I wanted something easy to use that would include a lot of goals in 1 pack.

The first part of the pack includes a book. You read the book everyday and it includes targets like pronouns, concepts, and descriptor words. You can print it off and after you've read it, the kids can color it and you can send it home. Lots of repetition!!! ;)

It has color and black and white pictures that target a few concepts every week. This week targets dirty, clean, in, & one.

I have pages that reinforce the concepts targeted that you can have the kids color, dab and even practice printing (depending on age/developmental ability).

Here are some color poster pages that you can put up for learning.

Each week we target a part of the Vocabulary goal. This week we start off with associations. Here are my Robot Puzzles that target Association

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Rhyming Jars

Rhyming Jars 

Rhyming Jars is a fun center to target rhyming words.

Cut out and laminate the mats and cards. Have the students match the cards that rhyme to the correct mats.
There are also worksheets that you can use to ensure understanding and for completion of the center. There are 3 types, coloring, practice printing and writing the words on their own.
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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

3 Bears in Therapy!

A Week with Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

A Week with Goldilocks and the 3 Bears in Speech Therapy!

Face it, if you're like me you just want speech therapy to be fun! Why? Because if they have fun, they learn and they want to keep coming back! I am first to admit I use worksheets and flashcards, but I get tired of them too!

So lets make it fun...again!!

I love using fairy tales in therapy. 
The kids love them and you can use it  as a theme, even for a week if you like :)

I made products (look for the others in my store) that go with fairy tales, nursery rhymes and then you can watch a cute video on you tube. It is filled with activities for speech therapy or preschool/kindergarten classroom!

If you're into videos- check out this cute and funny video by Gorgeous Movies.
I particularly like this one for speech, and so do the kids!

You can then extend it in your class as a center and use toys. In therapy, I use the toys to work on receptive and expressive language teaching concepts,  and vocabulary (attributes). The kids LOVE the hands on stuff!
Try this and you've got a captive audience!

Here are some activities that are in my Goldilocks Pack

 I am also putting it on sale for $0.99 for the entire month of February!

Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Just Clip It!! Beginning Sounds!

Just Clip it! Beginning Sounds

 Just Clip It! Beginning Sounds

This beginning sounds center is a perfect way for your students to practice their phonemic awareness skills while getting fine motor work at the same time!
Students will choose a card, determine the beginning letter, and clip the letter with a clothespin.
The activity includes all beginning sounds as well as sh, ch, and th.

It seems like lately I've been using a lot of clothes pins, remember my post with
these cute little snowmen??

Students will need clothespins for this activity.

GET it now because it won't be free for long!
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Saturday, 21 January 2017

CVC Mats

I sometimes have kids who can read the basics but have difficulty with segmenting. I made an activity that they can use that is not too easy but will help with their phonemic awareness skills.
This is a difficult activity, and it is NOT for beginners. It is for readers who need a little extra work on segmenting words in to their sounds. 
  It is for readers who need extra practice work on segmenting basic CVC words into their sounds. 
Have the students cover the correct letters from a possibility of 8 that go with the picture. If you want to laminate you can cover the sounds with play-doh, blocks, or bingo chips. 

If you just want to print you can have them color or dab the sounds.
Words Included are: bag, bat, cab, fan, jam, map, sad, wax, hat, cat, bed, leg, net, pen, web, wet, pet, ten, bib, fin, kid, kit, lip, six, bug, cup, gum, hut, mud, sun, tub, tux, bin, cap, cut, hen, mat, mit, mop, mug, nut, pop, sit, tap, can, tip, bus, log, pot, mom, pod, son.